Buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at Fnac Portugal!

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We are very happy to announce this great news. We continue to expand our network of more than 40,000 points of sale and this time we are adding the Fnac stores in Portugal!

Although our partnership with Fnac already exists since we added our coupons to Fnac Spain stores, reaching the stores in the Portuguese country is a big step in our mission to democratize access to cryptocurrencies. 

Thanks to this extension, all Portuguese (or non-Portuguese who are in Portugal) will be able to buy the main cryptocurrencies in an easy, fast and secure way. 

Buying cryptocurrencies at Fnac: a historical step

Fnac, born in 1954 in France, is the first European brand to distribute technological and cultural products.

In their stores you can find literature, music, movies, video games, image, sound, new technologies, products for the kitchen, home and personal care and of course, now also vouchers redeemable for cryptocurrencies!

Fnac has an extensive network of 880 stores in France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Morocco, Qatar, Ivory Coast, Congo, Cameroon and Túnez.


What are Bitnovo coupons?

Bitnovo coupons are gift cards (giftcards) that can be purchased with euros in cash or by card and can be redeemed for Bitcoin and major cryptocurrencies. You will find our coupons along with Netflix, Spotify, Play Store, etc. coupons.

Bitnovo coupons are available for different values, including 25, 50, 100, 250 or 500 euros.

Once you purchase your voucher, you simply redeem it, from our website or from our app, to receive the cryptocurrency of your choice (all cryptocurrencies on our website are eligible).

Buy Bitcoin on Fnac: step by step

If you want to buy a Bitnovo coupon redeemable for cryptocurrencies, the process is very simple:

1- Go to the Fnac store closest to your location.

2- Order a Bitnovo coupon for the amount in euros of your choice.

3- Pay in cash or by credit card and receive the coupon with the code to be redeemed.

4- Log in to the Bitnovo website or App, redeem the voucher for the cryptocurrency of your choice and send the funds to your wallet.

We hope you liked this news as much as we did. Stay tuned because we will soon be announcing new (and great) additions to our network of outlets.

Cryptocurrencies should be part of people’s daily lives and, with your support, we are getting closer and closer to achieving that goal!

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