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Now with Bitnovo and dash text you can easily send dash to venezuela

Today is a great day for the Bitnovo team!

Today finally we can announce a very important alliance … a union that will allow us to carry out the “Dash Remittance Project” to put cryptocurrencies in the hands of people who, more than any other, need to have freedom of liquidity outside the classic banking and financial system.

From today Bitnovo and Dash Text, the Venezuelan platform that allows sending and receiving Dash cryptocurrency quickly and instantly, through text messages (SMS), come together to put this crypto in the hands of Venezuelans, through the implementation of an integrated POS remittance system, which allows sending and receiving Dash to non smart-phones from and to any wallet.

Now, to make us understand the simplicity of this system, let’s see a practical example:

Juan lives in a place where he does not have access to an Internet connection or a smartphone and he needs to receive cryptocurrencies in order to make his daily purchases.

Fortunately Juan can count on his friend Pablo who lives in a country where he has the facility to buy Bitnovo crypto vouchers, available in more than 30,000 stores worldwide and redeemable online, in and the Bitnovo app.

Bitnov y Dash Text unidos por Venezuela

Thanks to the alliance between Bitnovo and Dash Text, now Pablo will be able to send Dash instantly to Juan’s phone, which will serve as a wallet, simply using Juan’s phone number in Dash Text.

As many already know, more than half of the Venezuelan population does not have smartphones that, nowadays, represent the most used means to carry out transactions with cryptocurrencies.

This is the main reason why an integrated remittance system, like Dash Text, is necessary and a priority, in order to guarantee the access and easy use of cryptocurrencies to the entire Venezuelan and global population.

As the Dash team informs on its news blog, Dash has already been accepted by more than 2,200 merchants in Venezuela, also thanks to the assistance it provides to all users to solve any doubt or problem and to educate consumers about the Use of Dash and how this cryptocurrency can help improve their lives.

Alianza Bitnovo y Dash text

We are very proud and motivated to give, together with Dash Text, a new step towards a broader cryptocurrency adoption, making cryptocurrencies every day more accessible for more people.

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