What is Binemon? The new play to earn promise

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With the complete boom of Axie Infinity and, consequently, the success of blockchain video games of the play to earn type, new proposals have not stopped emerging. 

However, there is a better way to describe them and they are like new promises that, although they offer similar gameplay to Axie Infinity, have different characteristics. 

The above, without leaving aside the full range of possibilities to generate money by playing.

This is the case of Binemon, a recent NFT video game in which internet memes come to life in 3D form to help you produce income. Let’s take a look at it!

What is Binemon?

Like Axie or My DeFi Pet, Binemon is a virtual NFT pet video game (called mon) created on the Draken DeFi blockchain (DRK). It was created by Nicolas Veiga Palacios together with Daniel Uriona, its marketing manager.

At Binemon, you can:

    • Collect and trade eggs, land, people and other items typical of an RPG or role-playing game.
    • Reproduce your pets (including internet memes such as Doge).
    • Fight against other players or against monsters in the environment.

At the moment, its development has not been completed, but you can download its application for Google Play, which is available since July 23 and its iOS version will be released soon.

¿Qué es Binemon? La nueva promesa play to earn

How does it work?

To understand its functionality, it is important to distinguish two aspects: its blockchain and its token.

Su blockchain: Cadena Draken (DRK)

Binemon relied on Draken Chain to achieve an enjoyable gaming experience for its users.

Draken Chain is striking for its high performance and scalability, as it is a blockchain that features:

    • Smart contracts at various levels.
    • One of the lowest transaction fees, making it accessible and player-friendly.
    • A cross-chain swap platform, which means you can trade seamlessly on any blockchain network such as TRONBitcoin or Ethereum.

It is therefore a blockchain with potential to tap into, mainly in the realm of NFT games or DApps such as Binemon.

Token: DRK

It is the native token of the Draken blockchain, which you can earn by playing Binemon through breeding, selling pets and winning battles. This DRK can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies at a later date.

But that’s not all, since there is also an in-game unit called Ambrosia (AMB), which are like Pokémon pokeballs in the sense that they allow you to hatch Mon eggs, but give you a bonus that makes them rare. 

After knowing all this, what you need to do to play is to buy your MON eggs in the game’s marketplace.

How is it different from Axie Infinity?

They are very similar in essence. Even so, they have differences either by their blockchain or by how the characters are. In addition, Binemon has another point to offer that Axie does not have yet, and that is its “lore” (the game story). 

In the world of Binemon, the earth was conquered by aliens who created a new species: the mons. After their arrival, there was a relative peace that ended when travelers discovered a tower in the Bine desert.

This tower was activated and gave off an energy that transformed the inhabitants of the area. Its evolution obtained the name of binemons. Since the knowledge of a tower with such power, an endless war was unleashed to have control over it.

Well, it did come to an end and that was when youthe main character, arrived and, getting lost in the Binemon Tower, you discovered that this tower is a locating instrument created by ancestral beings, which threaten to attack the earth.

Your mission is to convince people of the coming threat and recruit heroes to destroy the Binemon Tower and prevent the invasion.

¿Qué es Binemon? La nueva promesa play to earn

Are you ready to form your own army and save the world?

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