What is Tron?

Qué es Tron TRX y cómo funciona Bitnovo
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Imagine a world in which users enjoy content always conditioned by an intermediary who decides which are suitable and which are not, which will have more visibility and which will be hidden, etc. Well, don’t have to imagine too much because that world already exists and we are all part. In this post you can learn about an alternative to the current digital entertainment industry by discovering what Tron is and how to buy TRX. Keep reading!

The current digital entertainment sector is centralized. A few companies control the entire market: Facebook, YouTube, Apple, even Netflix, are just a few examples. These content providers have the power to decide whether a content is appropriate or not, if they are interested in spreading it and give it visibility or if they relegate it at the end of the queue.

However, not everything is lost. There are alternatives such as the Tron network that allows users to freely access entertainment content, paying directly to their creators and leaving intermediaries out of the game.

What is Tron (TRX)?

Tron is a blockchain platform created to develop a decentralized digital entertainment system, which supports smart contracts with high throughput and scalability.

This entire ecosystem operates under the cryptocurrency Tronix (TRX), which can’t be mined.

Crypto TRX

In 2017, Justin Sun founded a non-profit organization called Tron Foundation from which the entire Tron network project has been developed. A network that strengthens the relationship between content creators and consumers, without resorting to intermediaries.

Tron’s CEO was also Ripple Labs’ Chief Representative in China and founder of the successful Peiwo voice app. Justin Sun devised Tron’s decentralized platform as a system that allowed developers to implement their own decentralized applications ( DApps ).

Advantages of Tron network

The universe of Tron has as objective that all parties can benefit from participation in this network.

  • An app that decides to advertise its services on the Tron platform, pays less commissions for advertising that if uses intermediaries (such as Amazon or Google Play Store) and can also receive financing directly from the consumer .
  • On the other side, the user enjoy greater control of his personal data, because they don’t have to provide this info to the intermediary before running the service, and also they can navigate more comfortably enjoying content at a lower cost .

Creators and users are rewarded with TRX for their contributions within the platform.

Benefits of Tron TRX

More info about the Tron project

The technology used by this project guarantees a high decentralization, since Tron is divided into three layers : Application, Storage and Core. Each one has functionalities defined and separated from the rest.

According to the project, is estimated that it will reach full maturity by 2025. Until then, Tron has been developed in several phases

  • Exodus: Establish the foundations of Tron technology .
  • Odyssey: Focus on user rewards based on their ratings.
  • The Great Voyage and Apollo: It will allow content creators to develop their personal brands and to issue tokens themselves.
  • Star Trek and Eternity : Extension functions of Tron .

Another element to highlight within this digital entertainment ecosystem is the Tron DApps. The majority of DApps available in Tron are games and trading platforms that are attracted by the high levels of throughput and scalability of the protocol used by Tron.

How to buy TRX Online

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How to buy TRX Online

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The Tron project has many supports, private and institutional. Therefore, it is not surprising that it ends up having a prominent place in the world of digital entertainment. 

While in many parts of the world they are still wondering “what is Tron?”, in the Asian continent they are already becoming familiar, and increasingly, with this ambitious project.