What is Basic Attention Token?

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Online advertising doesn’t stop growing. However, it is a sector full of intermediaries, dominated by two main actors (Facebook and Google) and, often, with inaccurate data. How could it be otherwise, blockchain technology has also reached this sector and has found a solution, which necessarily involves knowing what the Basic Attention Token (BAT) is.

What is BAT?

The Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a token designed to be used within the advertising and digital marketing sector. This token, based on the Ethereum blockchain, improves the efficiency of digital advertising because it allows measuring, tracking, rewarding and selling user attention.

The creator of the BAT token, Brendan Eich (also a JavaScript creator and co-founder of Mozilla) designed it with the aim of fighting fraud and opacity in the digital advertising sector. This token is transferred between the editors of a website, advertisers and users in a win-to-win relationship.

Therefore, the Basic Attention Token is a utility token to account for the value of user attention.

Cómo funciona BAT Bitnovo

Fuente: basicattentiontoken.org

How does Basic Attention Token work?

To carry out its mission, the BAT ecosystem uses Brave, a browser that offers users more speed and privacy in their navigation.

The BAT browser  blocks crawlers and malware and thus ensures greater user attention. So, the default advertising (most from Google or Facebook) is replaced by  the advertiser services that are rewarded through direct revenue from the attention of the users. Goodbye to intermediaries!

Advertisers pay publishers for advertising spaces, ensuring greater user attention in the advertisement. Ads are published with a blocked token, which is released at the time the user sees the ad. Then, the user receives a part, the Brave browser also obtains a part of the payment in tokens and, the rest, is sent to the editor.

Advantages of Basic Attention Token: the benefits of BAT

BAT is a token that offers advantages to the different actors involved in the digital media:

  1. On the one hand, users browse the Internet quickly and privately, viewing fewer ads and getting rewards for their attention.
  2. On the other hand, editors/publishers also benefit from the advantages of BAT because it allows them to recover lost income with the traditional system full of bots and intermediaries.
  3. Advertisers end up receiving more accurate data about their advertising campaigns, allowing them to better target their messages and be more effective.
Cómo ganar dinero con BAT

Discover how to earn money surfing the Internet

Many users go to Brave to make their Internet navigation profitable.

Initially in this browser users could only send and/or receive rewards in the form of tokens, always within the BAT platform.

Although BAT tokens don’t serve to transmit monetary value, it is very common to exchange BAT for bitcoins, ether or other cryptos.

However, according to the announcement made by Brave in October 2019, users can now transfer their BAT tokens from their wallet and convert them into digital assets and fiat currencies. Of course, as long as they complete a verification process with the Uphold digital money platform.

You already know, if you want to earn money surfing the Internet you have to download Brave, register in Uphold and launch yourself to the network.

How to buy BAT online

To improve your online experience, to send rewards to editors, as a future investment relying on the stability of the BAT project, etc. There are several reasons why many people decide to buy BAT online.

Whatever your goal, the most comfortable way to buy BAT online is from bitnovo, following these simple steps. Take note!

1º-: Click on the “Buy cryptocurrencies” button that you will find on the bitnovo homepage.

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– Next you must choose Buy Basic Attention Token from among all the list of available cryptocurrencies.

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3º- Finally, fill in the form and choose the payment method.

In this way, you have managed to buy BAT online easily with bitnovo.

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Now that you know what  Basic Attention Token is, how it works, its usefulness and its advantages… what are you waiting for to get your BAT tokens?

Without a doubt, this is an interesting project that brings together more than 3.3 million active users every day, as  the company announced in December 2019. There’s only one missing… you!