What is Basic Attention Token

what is basic attention token Bitnovo
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Today advertising is everywhere in the news, on the radio, on television, on web pages, on social media, on the street, in games. Wherever you look at advertising of some kind, this has evolved over time since at the beginning the only form where advertising existed was in newspapers, television, radio and on the streets.

 But with the arrival of the internet, advertising was created in it because it is where the public began to spend more time and it cost less to place advertising on a web page because it is measured by the number of people who click on this advertising, as the time these advertisements began to be more aggressive occupy more space and appear in videos in some cases to have malicious advertising to deceive people who believed they were the visitor number 1 million and won a prize.

That is why addblocks were created that removed these annoying advertisements from all over the web, but as always advertising I seek a way to continue paying users who have many followers to advertise a product in the middle of their videos, photos or publications. You cannot delete them since they are directly in the video, photo or publication. It is not an overlay that is placed on top of them, but the user who follows publishes them.

In certain cases it is good because it helps companies grow and they pay influences something but for the user who is watching them it is annoying, he does not want a new pair of headphones, he wants to see the video normally, he is not interested in what More minimal than if you use a code in a betting platform they will give you more money, not he only wants to see the information for which he came to your video.

As there are also those users who have thousands of followers, but have grown up with bots or trading users for third-party applications, then if a company pays this user their advertising would not be reaching anyone since that million followers is false and would affect the companies that advertise with them.

In the end, basic attention token was created, which in my opinion is the best thing that has happened to the adds because who is the one who is targeting the user with the advertising is the one who should give him the rewards for looking at the ads, which encourages real users to look at an ad in their browser called Brave that was developed by the group that invented Basic attention token.

This is finally come true what other pages promised where you had to enter to look at adds and answer surveys to receive shells that you can later exchange for prizes, but this time never came since you just finished looking at an add or completed the survey of these shells, they were never added to your account.

In Brave all advertisements are blocked. Until you select the option to see them, what they will do is that they will pay you to see some advertisements, the amount they pay you varies depending on how long the advertisement is and in what format it is. Today the user can earn about 70 to 250 dollars looking at advertising per year.

This has to be fair to all both for users, content creators and advertisers, that is why users are given a reward for seeing the advertising, advertisers can send online advertising avoiding the addblock they have Most online users can also ensure that their advertising was seen by real users and not bots.

It also helps content creators a lot since their posts or videos will have more comments and will reach a larger audience who are driven to see your content either because they like what you post or because they are there to look at the advertising what it will give them. you reward them and they may later be interested in your content

what is basic attention token Bitnovo

How to buy Basic Attention Token

Basic attention token can be bought or sold in many markets or on its own page, one of these markets is Bitnovo and to buy it is quite easy.

All you need to do is enter here and select how much you want to buy by entering the amount in euros you want to buy in this cryptocurrency, then select BAT that is found in a large number of other cryptocurrencies that you can also buy on our page and then you click the buy button.

Doing this will take you to another page where you will fill in some data that is to link your wallet where the cryptos will be deposited then you will have to enter your Tag payment, telephone and email.

Followed by this you will have to select the payment method which you can select whether to pay in cryptocurrencies, credit / debit card or with a bank transfer, you have to solve a captcha and press the button to continue and that’s it.

When your transaction is completed, the amount of cryptos you specified will be automatically sent to the wallet that you specified, if there is a problem, the communication channels you provided will be used, which would be your cell phone or email

How to earn Basic Attention Token

To earn Basic attention token, all you have to do is download the brave browser, create an account, activate the option to see the advertising on the right of your browser, which is the Basic attention token logo, and click join rewards and that’s it all you have to do is browse the web as you would with Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera.

In this new tab you can see how many adds you have seen, how much they will pay you and when, by and by, you just have to claim them and they will be consigned in your virtual wallet that you can use to give them to the content creators that you want or you can get them out of there and trade them On other platforms in the future the Basic attention token will be used to pay for VIP content from content creators.