The 5 best courses of Blockchain online

I 5 migliori Corsi di Blockchain online Bitnovo
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During the days of confinement, many of us take the opportunity to clean houses, learn new recipes, learn new jobs, exercise, watch our favorite shows or increase our knowledge through virtual courses.

The coronavirus pandemic that has affected everyone has also shifted the confidence of many, from paper money and banking institutions to alternative forms of payment such as bitcoin and cryptomone.

Apparently, the increase in uncertainty has led to the “acceleration of the adoption” of these virtual currencies and, above all, to an increased interest in Blockchain technology, which supports digital currencies and is one of the great technological innovation projects of our time.

The best online blockchain courses: which one to choose

Today we are witnessing the growing development of this type of technology, so the demands of today’s labor market require highly qualified personnel.

That is why today we have selected some of the best Blockchain online courses that are taught right now and that can be an opportunity for those who want to reinvent themselves or increase their professional skills.



The IBM training platform offers a series of free courses on blockchain technology. Among them, we recommend the one that arouses most interest among Internet users:


IBM Blockchain Foundation Developer V2 course

Given by: IBM

Language: English

Cost: FREE

Type: Online



This is a completely hands-on course designed for developers who want to learn about Hyperledger Fabric development using the IBM Blockchain Platform.

The course uses built-in tutorials that are part of the IBM Blockchain Platform. Students must install Visual Studio Code and run the IBM Blockchain Platform development environment on their machines.



The edX platform offers numerous tutorials and blockchain courses for people with different skill levels.

The courses are designed to help both technical and non-technical audiences learn the key concepts behind Hyperledger and blockchain, clarifying the various business applications. Among the courses we have selected the ones we find the most interesting and recognized by the institutes that teach them:


Fundamentals of Blockchain

Given by: University of Berkeley

Language: English

Cost: 150 euros ca.

Type: Online

Web: Berkeley Blockchain Fundamentals


Among the courses offered on the edX platform, the program taught by the University of Berkeley, called Blockchain Fundamentals stands out, in which you will learn key topics about cryptomonics and blockchain technology.


Introduction to Hyperledger Blockchain Technologies

Given by: LinuxFoundationX

Language: English

Cost: FREE

Type: Online

Web: Introduction to Hyperledger Blockchain Technologies


For students with advanced technical backgrounds, the Linux course called ‘Introduction to Hyperledger Blockchain Technologies‘ offers the opportunity to become a Blockchain developer and work with enterprise-ready Blockchain Hyperledger frameworks. You will also learn how to configure Hyperledger Sawtooth and Hyperledger Fabric and how to develop applications.

The 8-week online course is free and open to anyone who wants to enroll.



If you don’t know it yet, Udemy is one of the most popular educational platforms used by the public that wants to be trained. You can access its extensive catalog of more than 2,000 courses related to Bitcoin and the Blockchain.


ConsenSys Academy

As reported on its website, ConsenSys Academy’s mission is to develop the global blockchain ecosystem by closing the Ethereum knowledge gap, becoming the beacon for Ethereum education and revolutionizing education through blockchain technology. In short, ConsenSys Academy is the educational core of the Ethereum movement.

Among its courses, we recommend the one related to the Ethereum blockchain and its use cases.


Blockchain: Foundations and Use Cases

Given by: ConsenSys Academy

Language: English

Cost: FREE

Type: Online



This course is the definitive introduction to the blockchain for the public of both developers and non-developers. In addition to technology, this course will introduce you to some of the philosophies behind decentralization.

During the first three modules, you will be introduced to the blockchain and its technology. In the fourth module, a new generation blockchain called Ethereum will be explored to introduce you to what modern blockchains can do.

The use cases described in the final module are extracted from the companies that are part of the ConsenSys startup portfolio, which work in this space and can help you better understand the commercial side of blockchain.

Undoubtedly, blockchains are marking a major transformation in the financial and digital sector that, every day, increases the need for economic, technological and intellectual growth and expands the opportunities in a completely different market.

Therefore, if you are still not sure about the type of program you want to study or have studied any of the related careers mentioned above, you should consider participating in one of the programs specialized in this technology.

In fact, in addition to having a wide range of jobs in this sector, you can be part of the growth of a modern and competitive environment where you can obviously acquire great innovative experiences.

And now all you have to do is launch yourself into the most advanced technology of our time. Are you ready?