Ontology tokens available on Bitnovo

Tokens Ontology en Bitnovo
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  • The cryptocurrency platform makes Ontology tokens available to users which can be bought online or even with cash.
  • Users with ONT and ONG can also sell their tokens and receive euros directly in their bank accounts.

Madrid, March 23, 2020. Blockchain technology is one of the most powerful tools that exists today and offers many benefits at all levels. However, many companies are still reluctant to implement it due to a lack of such specific technical knowledge.

With the aim of narrowing the gap between blockchains and companies (regardless of their size and sector), the Ontology project emerged. A high-performance public blockchain, a distributed collaboration platform of data to enhance the speed, security, and trust; fundamental for the global cooperation between business.

The Ontology network operates under a dual token model, ONT and ONG, both equally important within the blockchain. On the one hand, ONT is the coin (the cryptocurrency) and can be used for staking in consensus, for participation in decision-making within the platform. On the other hand, ONG is  the utility token  used for on-chain services, to pay the fees resulting from all the transactions within the blockchain.

ONG and ONT: Ontology tokens are now available on Bitnovo!!

Every business that wants to be part of this revolutionary blockchain must have Ontology tokens. Aware of this, to contribute to the development and acceptance of blockchains in society, bitnovo cryptocurrency platform introduces ONT and ONG  as blockchain tokens available to buy and sell.

Bitnovo, the leading cryptocurrency platform present in four countries in Europe, makes easier  to buy more than 20 different tokens and  now adds ONT and ONG. With the particularity that it can be purchased physically, with cash, thanks to the more than 30.000 partner stores in all Europe.

In addition, users who store ONT and ONG tokens in their wallets can also sell it through this platform and receive euros in their bank account. 

Ontology project was launched in 2017. Architected with global teams, Ontology’s unique infrastructure supports robust cross-chain collaboration.From now on, they join forces with Bitnovo to promote the implementation of this technology in all fields and providing more usability to its blockchain tokens.

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