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How to mine Monero best way

the best way to mine Monero varies in 2 you want to save the most and get the most out of mining or you want to have the maximum mining power

If you choose the first one, you must mine Monero with the CPU since the best hardware parts do not cost that much so the more you save the better.

Then we must download a Monero mining software that uses our CPU and you must select the one with the highest Hash Rate, which is the Hash Rate, it is the processing power of the hardware when we have our CPU that has a good high hash rate and that does not consume so much energy.

The following is to look for a mining pool that does not have such a high commission charge, some charge 1%, others 0.6%, the lower the commission they charge you, the more you will have left.

So choose the one that charges you less and has a balanced number of miners neither many nor very few because if there are many miners the amount of reward you earn per block will decrease but if there are not enough miners it will take longer then something between 10300 to 32000.

If you can invest or you already have solar panels, it helps the energy consumption that is spent if it is not so much compared to large mining machines, but even so this would help to leave you an extra profit.

The last thing would be to add your Monero wallet, the Monero platform wallet is very good but you can never overcome the protection that having a Hardware wallet would give, but it is not necessary unless you want the extra protection and this would be in the way that you would save the maximum and thus you would generate a good profit.

The second way is where you have the maximum power that the hardware can give you that would be using the GPU in this way you have to invest in the latest video cards that are expensive, but they are worth it thanks to their powerful processing power here you can or Do not use 2 video cards in parallel which would clearly increase the processing power to double it is not necessary, but the more power the more gain you will generate.

Then download software that can mine with your GPU to take advantage of all that processing power that you may or may not have connected in parallel.

After you can decide whether to join a mining pool or not in, a mining pool as the serious ones that contributes the most serious hardware power, the one that would receive a higher percentage of the profits of the block since if your computer has the specifications through the clouds You could mine alone is not highly recommended when you are new to this, but if you have the purchasing power to get the most powerful machine you can choose to go alone.

And the last thing would be like the previous one, selecting your portfolio as you are generating a great reward, the best thing is to invest in a hardware wallet because if you have already invested so much so far, why not in the best of the best

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How to mine Monero

Monero is like Bitcoin, it is a cryptocurrency used to send and receive payments.

So, to mine Monero you do not need any special hardware since to mine Monero (XMR) you only need your normal computer, then you need to have the Monero mining software so that it connects to a Monero mining pool.

The hardware that the Monero program uses to mine cryptocurrencies can be either the CPU or a GPU, always when looking to build a computer to mine any cryptocurrency you have to look for the most powerful ones, but with Monero you can look for those that save more energy so you will not have such a large account when paying for electricity and if you will have more profits when mining Monero.

To start mining Monero, we must choose whether we will use our CPU or buy a new one to have a new one with better capabilities than we can have right now.

After this we need to download a Monero mining software. One of the best known for now is XMR-STAK-CPU, after installing it, it only remains to join a mining pool, and voila, this is the only thing you have to do to start mining Monero

If we choose the GPU path it is practically the same only that we would have to download another program since the previous one is only for CPU, we would have to download XMR-STAK-AMD that uses the power of the graphics card instead of the CPU.

 This is a more expensive option since the price of the graphics cards that are normally used to mine cryptocurrencies are between 400 to 600 dollars, unlike that if you mine with the CPU they are between prices of 50 to 150 dollars.

To the finanal you have to add a wallet where the Monero coins will be deposited, there aren’t many options when it comes to choosing a Monero wallet. Hardware wallets (which are considered the safest) are now also available for Monero coins: they are supported by Trezor and Ledger.

Two of the most popular wallets, which are also listed on Monero’s official site are:

MyMonero web wallet: Simply go to their website and create an account to start using it.

Monerujo: This is a mobile wallet that is only available for Android devices.