Kuailian: The new Blockchain system

kuailian il nuovo sistema blockchain
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What is the Kuailian System

Many years have passed since the birth of cryptocurrency and the creation of Bitcoin and the publication of its White Paper, but blockchain technology has not stopped evolving.

The development of new technologies, the emergence of new crypto currencies and the emergence of a great competition at a global level have meant that only the big players in the crypto system have benefited from investing in blockchain.

As a consequence of this scenario, the Kuailian Ecosystem was born, an investment project that is gaining a prominent role in the digital ecosystem.

Registered in Estonia, one of the most advanced countries in the world in terms of blockchain, Kuailian makes block technology available to everyone, assuming the management of all systems and allowing access to different services without its users having to possess great knowledge of the sector or large amounts of crypto.

Kuailian, whose name means ‘blockchain’ in Chinese, is therefore a decentralized protocol based on blockchain technology and Smart Contracts, which obtains profitability by verifying transactions.

Main features of Kuailian

The Kuailian Ecosystem is formed by an international community of entrepreneurs, programmers and crypto-technology experts who have joined together under the same mission: to take advantage of the full potential of blockchain technology and make it accessible to all through innovative products and services of real added value.

The Kuailian Ecosystem represents a variety of decentralized applications, including Staking and Masternode services, cryptocurrency trading and arbitration, free learning center and blockchain charity foundation..

Source: Easykuailian.com

Kuailian is therefore an innovative investment system, a platform in a complex digital ecosystem that uses a “Blockchain” system to passively generate income. This is possible, as already mentioned, thanks to the Master Nodes, whose use is essential to understand its process. 

To explain the function of the Master Nodes let’s take an example:

When a person wants to make a transfer to another person, the bank acts as an intermediary, verifying the transaction. In exchange for this service, clients are charged a commission.

In the blockchain world the role of the banks is played by the Master Nodes.

When a transaction is made, such as the sending of cryptocurrencies or the transfer of a property title, the Master Nodes are responsible for the verification.

In return they receive a reward or a token (which is paid in the crypt-currency where that specific blockchain operates). In the case of Kuailian, the KUAI token is used.

In this way, the investor receives daily payments with variable returns in his account, payments that he can use to reinvest or to withdraw and enjoy his benefits.

How does the Kuailian platform work?

Let’s see in detail how the Kuailian platform works!

Kuailian offers a variety of different software products, including a Staking and Masternode Pool (SMART POOL) service, Quantum Trading and Crypto Arbitrage Trading, a cryptocurrency exchange for buying and selling crypto / fiat currency, a learning center with valuable crypto resources and a blockchain charity foundation.

As we have already mentioned, Kuailian works through the “Smart pool” process and attracts investors using a “multilevel” marketing strategy controlled by the system.

The fund contributed by investors uses the Master Nodes protocol to move money safely, obtain returns and distribute the yield to each user’s purse.


kuailian come funziona e come guadagnare benefici

The Kuailian system works in a very simple way and we will explain it below:

The user buys, as we have already seen, software licenses by paying them at ETH.

The Ethereum of all clients enter a smartpool, which is a kind of “intelligent pool” where the investments of all users who have acquired contracts are found.

With the clients’ Ethereums, Artificial Intelligence assembles the Master Nodes with the best risk/reward relationship.

The Master Nodes start working, verifying and processing transactions, thanks to which they receive daily commissions.

The benefit obtained is redistributed through Smart Contracts between all clients (65%), the company Kuailian (14%) and the rest in bonus.

The user receives his daily earnings that do not remain in his Kuailian account, but are charged directly to his Ethereum wallet.

The percentage of profit is approximately 9% per month (a figure that may vary depending on several factors).

So a KUAI is a real participation that provides its investors with a daily income for 1000 days.

How to start making money with Kuailian

To use the Kuailian platform, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Open an ETH wallet

The currency in which Kuailian operates is the Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency. This means that you need a coin purse to keep the Ethereums that you will send and receive from Kuailian once you have your earnings.

If you don’t have one yet and you don’t know how to choose it, we recommend you to use one of the following cryptocurrency wallets.

Once you have your Ethereum wallet, you can register at Kuailian.

  1. Register at Kuailian

When you register at Kuailian, you will be assigned a sponsor, the person who will help you in case of questions along your journey through Kuailian. If you do not have one, you will be assigned one automatically.

To register on the platform, you must fill out a form with your data, the wallet number you want the Ethers you have obtained to be sent to, and the password you want to use.

  1. Buy Ethereums (ETH)

Once you have registered at Kuailian, you must pay the service activation fee that will allow you to operate with Kuailian Bank. This is a minimum amount to be paid at ETH.

If you do not have ETH, you can buy them at an exchange such as Bitnovo, which allows you to exchange Euros with ETH.

  1. Buy your first Kuais at Kuailian

Now you are ready to invest. To do so, you will have to buy shares in Kuais. In technical terms, a KUAI is a 1000-day rental contract in a server dedicated to POS (Proof of Stake) mining from which you will get daily income thanks to the Master Nodes.

You can choose to buy low or medium risk Kuais.

The minimum investment to start in the system is 2 KUAIS (which is equivalent to $ 200 paid in eth). For each KUAI, a smart contract will be created.

One important thing to know is that your investment will be measured in ETH, not in Kuais. This means that your percentage of participation (and therefore the return you will obtain each day) is calculated by dividing the ETH you have invested by the total ETH of the investment fund.

So the person who invested more in the pool will earn more.

Once you have bought your Kuais, the activation of the contract may take several days.

As soon as it is activated, the contract will be valid for 1,000 days and therefore the payment of benefits will have the same duration.

The percentage of the benefits is variable (depending on the evolution of the market, number of users investing, etc.) but normally each KUAI offers a return of about 300% of benefit at the end of the 1000 day period. In this way, an investment of $100 is tripled at the end of the period.

This is why it is becoming one of the most interesting online investment platforms for those who are looking for a stable and technologically advanced passive income source.

To conclude, we remind you that during the duration of the contract the user will not be able to use the capital deposited in the platform because it will be used in the pool to set up the Master Nodes.

However, you will maintain total control over your daily earnings and you will be able to use them as you prefer (change them to FIAT or reinvest them in the platform).

If after explaining you how Kuailian works, we have aroused your curiosity and you are going to try their platform, we recommend you to take a look at their website where you can find more information.

Good luck 😉