How to buy penny cryptocurrencies

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The best way to buy penny cryptocurrencies is to be checking the markets where cryptos are traded there when you find the one under $ 1 that you like the most.

The next thing you have to do is investigate it by looking at its history and what the project is about and if it is valuable for someone and what you can do with this coin, you can also look at what they say in networks or videos about cryptos and if they talk about the currency you chose you could learn a lot from her.

After you have learned about this currency, it would come when to invest in it, which would be another part that you would have to look at when it is the minimum and the maximum of its price in 24 hours and its total sales history, so you will know what it’s minimum has been in its entire history.

And you will be able to better think about what price will be the most convenient to buy it and how much you will have to save this coin until you sell it to get a maximum profit.

Best Penny Cryptocurrency 2020?

This is not financial advice and you should do your own research.

Ripple XRP: this is the third most valuable cryptocurrency based on market cap, its well known among global banks. The XRP payment system has been around since 2012 and in January 2018 hit his top that was 3.5$

Orchid OXT

Is a really good coin if you could get a price point between 20c-50c recently went up to a dollar and then collapsed, It is based on a VPN cryptocurrency this is a coin that u need to hold it. when it reach again a dollar, you could sell it

Orchid OXT

This is an advertising token and a really good one if you could get it in the prices between 17c – 30c It could be a good investment, sell it when its nearly 50c

Stellar Lumens XLM

This one was static in his beginnings. but in January 3 2018 pass the 1$,mark is pretty cheap and this one is a hold coin, try to get it between 0.05c – 0.09c and sell it in 0,1 you could try to hold it until 0.12 but better don’t risk it.

Ravencoin (RVN)

This coin has its ups and downs; you could make a quick buck from him and if you could get it between 0.08 and 0.15 you could get a nice profit in the long run. 

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What are Penny Cryptocurrencies?

As their name says they are cryptocurrencies that cost less than $ 1, normally this is not the case for their names since a large number of cryptocurrencies normally start out costing less than $ 1 if the currency is considered useful at its price. get on.

If you want to participate in the birth of a crypto, you must be attentive to the markets to know what hours and what day the trading of said currency will begin, normally when a currency is born it can be very chaotic since it can start rising to incredible prices or going down even that is almost worth nothing if when its price rises to the moon in the next minute that same rise falls almost instantly.

There is also the stagnant Cryptocurrencies that are those that were born or in a market in which they did not pay much attention to them and left them adrift where their price does not change in days or months, until they are mounted to more known markets or get more publicity and thus reactivate their trade, that they remain stagnant means that they still have value or that the developers are gradually leaving the project abandoned.

That is why finding these cryptocurrencies is a bit dangerous to invest in them, but if they take the right path you can gain something by investing in them for a long time.

Another type is the Crashing Cryptocurrencies that are normally cryptos that the price is falling, you would think that if this happens it is that this crypto would be dying but sometimes it is not.

At the end of 2017 the cryptocurrency markets opened losing and hard as until the summer of the following year, after that the markets recovered.

It is recommended that before investing in any cryptocurrencies, whether they are those that cost less than $ 1, you should do a lot of research before investing in any currency. Regardless, you need to know enough about the coin to predict when it will be at its lowest price to invest and make a profit.

Where to Buy Penny Cryptocurrency?

You could buy penny cryptocurrency in any market where cryptos are traded since these currencies are easily found if you search the market well, be it the new currencies that have been added or a currency that is cheap at that time, although it often depends on the markets to list certain currencies so check all the markets because in some they may not list it due to some rule that they have in that market.

Also, when they are listed in more well-known markets, these coins tend to go up a lot so when someone has these coins in advance, the markets give them some time to put them in their inventory market either for sales in that market or that save them for later sale at a higher price.

Normally before going to any market, cryptocurrencies make an internal sale among their closest people as a private sale for those who followed the project from the beginning where a price of the coin is much lower than what will go on the market but this is as a reward for those who invested and believed in this project before it was released to the public.

Penny Cryptocurrencies to Invest In

As always, to know which cryptocurrencies you should invest, what is recommended is that you judge them for yourself, your own research and the effort you use to find out everything you can will lead to a good investment.