What is Bitnovo?

Bitnovo is a web and app that allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in a fast, simple and secure way. In a matter of few

You can buy instantly with card, as well as with cash, bank transfer, or other cryptocurrencies.

Bitnovo is present in several European countries such as Italy, France, Portugal or
Spain. In addition, it has more than 30,000 physical selling points across
Europe for those users who want to buy bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies
instantly with cash, using Bitnovo vouchers.

Why trust Bitnovo?
  • We are a Spanish company
  • We have more than 5 years of experience in the sector
  • We follow all Spanish and European regulations.
  • Our support team can help you in Spanish, English, French and Italian every day of the week and will give you an answer in minutes.
  • We do not store your bitcoin.
  • You can store your crypto in your wallet or in bitnovo’s wallet, where you are the unique owner and custodian of your cryptocurrency funds, and nobody else. So we are at the highest level of security in terms of transactions of cryptocurrencies.
Why Bitnovo is different?
  • We have simplified the process of buying cryptocurrencies as much as possible to make it as easy and safe.
  • We have facilitated the use of cryptocurrencies in daily use through our integration with Bitsa cards, wich allows you to convert cryptocurrencies in euros instantly.
  • We had built Crypto-ATMs for the purchase of bitcoin and more than 20 cryptocurrencies, and we allow any store to install it in their own store to offer crypto to customers.
  • And we will not stop! We want to continue making contributions to the crypto world to get cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology more accepted by society day by day.
How can I contact the support team?

If you have any issue with any of our services we will be happy to assist you through:

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What payment methods does support?

You can pay with:

  1. Debit or credit card
  2. Other cryptocurrencies
  3. Bank Transfer

You can also buy cryptocurrencies with bitnovo coupons in more than 30,000

physical stores in Europe.

How to buy bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies online in bitnovo?

To buy cryptocurrencies in bitnovo you don’t need to register.

You only have to:

  • Enter
  • Select Buy Cryptocurrencies from the top menu
  • Choose the cryptocurrency you want to buy

If you already have your wallet, write:

  • The wallet address where you want to receive the bitcoin
  • Your phone number
  • An email

If you still do not have one, you can install the bitnovo app where you can configure your own wallet

How to get a bitcoin wallet?

In Btinovo, to achieve maximum security, we offer a wallet, as an App, where you can store your cryptocurrencies 

The Bitnovo Wallet is equipped with a Security Seed and is compatible with the BIP39 protocol, so you can keep safe and secure your cryptocurrency funds.

Bitnovo is not the custodian of your cryptocurrencies and you are the sole owner and custodian of your cryptocurrencies. This means that you can restore the Bitnovo wallet in any other wallet, how and when you want.

If you do not have a wallet yet you can create yours through the bitnovo app in your app store.

How long will it take for my cryptocurrencies to arrive?

If you select the debit or credit card as payment, we will receive the payment instantly and we will issue the transaction instantly.

If you select bank transfer, the payment may take a few days to be received.

As for the transaction, the reception period depends on the type of cryptocurrency chosen and can last from seconds to a few hours to be reflected in your wallet.

What fees does bitnovo charge?

What fees does bitnovo charge?

Due to the volatility of the market and the large number of cryptocurrencies we cannot specify a fixed number in the percentage of commission for change. It usually oscillates between 2% and 4%.

To check the Bitnovo real-time exchange rate updated, you can check:

In addition, depending on the payment method, the following fees may apply may be applied:

  • Bank transfer: 0%
  • Card: 2% (In some countries may apply a different %)
  • Coupons / Vouchers: 5%
Do I have to pay taxes to buy cryptocurrencies?

If you buy cryptocurrencies, you don’t have the obligation to declare.

You only have to declare your profits or losses when you exchange a cryptocurrency for fiat currencies and there is an equity alteration.

faqs buy cryptocurrencies online bitnovo
How to buy bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in Bitnovo?
How to buy bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in Bitnovo?
faqs buy cryptocurrencies online bitnovo
faqs buy cryptocurrencies online bitnovo
faqs buy cryptocurrencies online bitnovo wallet
faqs buy cryptocurrencies online bitnovo fees
Do I have to pay taxes to buy cryptocurrencies?
What are cryptocurrency vouchers and how to buy them?

Bitnovo makes available to a majority public the acquisition and adoption of cryptocurrencies by buying vouchers or gift cards at more than 30,000 points of sales throughout Europe that can be purchased with cash *.

We are pioneers in the purchase of cryptocurrencies with cash and in physical stores.

For security reasons the  voucher  must be redeemed within 3 months from its purchase.

How can I redeem my voucher?

To redeem your voucher  or the bitnovo ATMs ticket you can go to the bitnovo website or redeemed it directly from the bitnovo app.

In addition, if you have more than one  voucher you can redeem them at the same time to save commissions.

During the exchange process it will be necessary to enter only a couple of data such as

  • the code provided on the voucher
  • a PIN code (if the  voucher contains PIN)
  • a number of wallet.

Optionally you can include a contact phone number and an email.

Captura de Pantalla Canjear Cupón Bitnovo
Captura de pantalla canjear cupón Bitnovo
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Bitsa is a prepaid card reloadable with 15 types of criptocurrencies : Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, Tether, Tron, DAI, BAT, Monero,  Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Stellar Lumens, ZCash, ONT and ONG.
As well as by card, bank transfer, with cash through available
voucher in thousands of stores in Spain.

With Bitsa You can manage and control all your movements from the application of


☞ Create a FREE VIRTUAL CARD to buy 100% secure online

☞ Request the PHYSICAL CARD and enjoy shopping at any store

☞ Make BANK TRANSFERS easily and without commissions

WITHDRAW  YOUR MONEY from any ATM without commissions

SEND MONEY BETWEEN BITSA CARDS instantly and for free


Your sons or daughters under 18 can also enjoy the advantages of Bitsa with Bitsa Young, the prepaid card without a bank account and without fees.

faqs bitnovo using crypto Bitsa
faqs bitnovo using crypto Bitsa
How can I sell bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to the customers of my store?
  • Installing a bitnovo ATM
  • Selling voucher redeemable for Criptocurrencies easily through the “Bitcoin Professionalservice, the Bitnovo program for business that allows you to offer vouchers redeemables for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

If you want more information contact us at

What are the advantages of selling bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in my store?


  • Generate new opportunities and possibilities of expanding your business
  • Guaranteed commissions for your top up
  • No risk due to fluctuations
  • Attract new customers and grow your business


  • No queues, no questions and no records
  • Reliable and discreet system
  • Multiple payment options
  • Personalized support

How does Bitnovo ATM work?

Our ATMs has already been installed in many stores around Spain and is a device appreciated by everyone who seeks a certain discretion without need to interact with a commercial.


Its use is very simple, the client select the amount of euros that want to buy, enter the money in cash and after confirmation the voucher  with the code he must enter at to redeem your cryptocurrencies.

bitnovo atm specifications Bitnovo
Bitcoin Professional: How does it work?
  • Request the registration in the service
  • Top up your account
  • Sell  voucher and you take your commission

The customer redeems his voucher at

  • Vouchers have no risk since their value does not decrease.
  • The value of the voucher is in euros until the user decides to convert it into cryptocurrencies at
  • 100% secure system
    We have created a professional platform compatible with mobile, tablet or computer with an intuitive interface
  • We have wide experience in the sector and we offer a multi-language support h24 to answer any questions.


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