The New Smartphone You Can Only Buy With Bitcoin

Smartphone para comprar con bitcoin
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HTC has launched a new smartphone which has blockchain technology and an integrated wallet which, the creators say, is quite safe.
The Exodus 1, which was initially announced in May, was presented in Berlin, Germany, on October 22. The phone will be sold for 0.15 BTC, which is equivalent to $ 960 (currently).
The first shipments are expected in December, the company said.
The Exodus 1 it was built with a cryptocurrency wallet called Zion, which was developed by HTC to serve as a virtual currency hardware wallet.
Chen said the wallet works from a secure enclave on the phone chip, separate from the Android operating system, to safeguard digital currencies.
He emphasized the importance of keeping this area of ​​the phone separate from Android because Google’s operating system was “fundamentally unsafe with a centralized system,” exposing user funds to theft by attackers.

Exodus 1 teléfono blockchain

The new HTC smartphone will only be sold in cryptocurrencies

ince the idea is that it reaches mainly the target audience, that is, the electronic money enthusiasts.
The phone will run decentralized applications (dapps). It also includes a  Recover Keys  feature that helps users “recover access to their funds if they lose their private key through a select number of trusted contacts.”
“Selling [the phone] only for cryptocurrencies and being the first to do so, means that we are taking this directly to the main audience and to those who will really want this device – the crypto community,” Chen told the South China Morning Post.
However, HTC is not the only company that seeks to enter this businessSirin Labs, based in Switzerland, is receiving orders for its new smartphone which will be on sale for $ 999.
Chinese companies such as Lenovo Group and Sichuan Changhong Electric had previously announced their plans for a blockchain technology phone, but unfortunately they have not talked more about that.

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