Calexit: Is California a Crypto Nation?

Calexit california una nacion cripto Bitnovo
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California has long threatened independence from the United States in what is called the “Calexit” movement. The novelty is that now it proposes to adopt the cryptomonies to increase its sovereignty.

The United States could stop being so United if California succeeds in executing its aspirations of independence. This plan, inspired by Brexit, aims at creating a nation of its own with cryptos as the financial backbone.

The official name of the movement is “Yes California” although it is popularly known as “Calexit” (California + Exit). Alastair Caithness (a blockchain expert) has recently been appointed to help the movement achieve new goals.

The main goal of this addition is to study how digital assets (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) can help ensure a Universal Basic Income for all California citizens.

Yes california

The movement has existed since 2013 but has accelerated since the arrival of Donald Trump to the United States government. Yes California is clear: it wants California’s independence.

One of its members, Donald Sutton, is the founder of the initiative:

“California should be a country of its own because we have a different value system, we are the first economy within the United States, a nation within a nation. We have the economic possibilities, industry, human resources, a diverse population and we can easily survive on our own”.

And the statistics underpin much of his discourse.

California is the state that pays the most money to the government and that money is used to support other states and communities.

For every dollar that California pays in taxes, it receives only 78 cents (22 cents on the dollar less than its share). Does that sound like little? It’s between 60 and 70 billion dollars a year!

Another of the injustices suffered by Californians is the fact that they produce 15% of the gross product of the United States but have only 2% of the vote.

Calexit california una nacion cripto Bitnovo

Objectives of Yes California

According to Louis J. Marinelli, one of the founding leaders of the movement, to the American magazine Weiss, the objectives behind Yes California are:

– To promote and strengthen the California identity, as an identity separate from the rest of the USA.

– To develop policies that allow California to become financially self-sufficient with respect to the United States.

– Prioritize the interests of the state itself over the rest of the states.

– Transfer the legal power that gives political power from Washington to the city of Sacramento, the current capital of the state of California.

– To achieve that California is considered a sovereign nation at an international level by creating close contacts with the rest of the world.

– To strengthen the foundations of local government as power is gradually transferred.

Could California become its own crypto country?

Alain Caithness, the movement’s new blockchain expert, praised the idea of thinking of an economy based on cryptomonies as in his opinion this could finance free medical care, as well as free education and a form of basic income.

This Scottish, San Diego-based CEO and founder of Ziyen Energy also believes that through people investing in land and property with crypt operations, the Universal Basic Income could be boosted.

Yes, California President Marcos Ruiz Evans has also expressed his agreement with Caithness’ proposals on the adoption of crypto currencies, assuring that “people need help, especially at this time and the government is struggling to find someone who will do it.

In addition, he clarified that “it is good to have a Scotsman who now lives in California, since the proposal to create a sovereign California was developed from the Scottish Independence referendum”.

According to Yes California, the state government has agreed to make public a petition for “Calexit” this year. They say a possible formal voting process could take place by 2024.

On the other hand, the Banking and Financial Institutions Committee of the California Senate has recently passed a bill that aims to define digital assets and measure what the impact on state and consumer protections will be.

The California Attorney General has expressed himself warning people to be careful with the “traps” of crypto-space and recommends educating users, as we do from Bitnovo with our article: how to avoid scams with crypto-currency or what crypto-jacking is.