How to buy Cardano

como comprar cardano Bitnovo

Despite not having the media impact of other cryptocurrencies, projects such as Cardano are occupying a very important place among cryptocurrency. That’s why buying Cardano is a very attractive option.

The innovation proposal, and its presence as an alternative to options such as Ethereum, not only make the project very interesting, but, in the opinion of many analysts, is a rival that shares many aspects but, at the same time, is improving them.

What is Cardano

Cardano (ADA) is a decentralized cryptocurrency, created in 2015 and appeared in the markets at the end of 2017.

It is a project that seeks to change the way in which the cryptocurrency is designed and executed. Thereby, the project is based on the so-called intelligent contracts and decentralized applications, but, made from the most popular programming languages. 

Powered by a combined team of computer security and systems experts, the creators themselves claim that the objective was to create a intelligent contract platform that would solve the problems existed in others known platforms, offering scalability and major security.

The project is formed by three organizations: The Cardano Foundation, Emurgo and IOHK.

The Cardano Foundation

It is an independent body based in Switzerland. It is responsible for supporting user communities, while mediating with the regulatory authorities


It is a Japanese organization, investor, oriented to invest and supporting new companies interested in being part in the Cardano blockchain.


It is considered a leader in the development of cryptocurrencies and focuses on the development of the Cardano platform.

¿Cómo comprar Cardano?

Characteristics of Cardano

Cardano is not based on the mining dependency algorithm that Bitcoin uses. In this case it is an algorithm called Ouroboros.

This algorithm uses a cryptographic model that guarantees maximum security, while allowing developers to implement improvements in the protocols, benefiting their functionality.

Thus, the Ouroboros algorithm is presented as capable of defending against the possible attacks that are affecting the block chain when it is open for development. In addition, the algorithm provides privacy and security to users and is able to create side chains.

Actually, we are facing one of the first attempts to create a comprehensive protocol to launch the chain of blocks to the real world. A cryptocurrency with lots of benefits.

This are the characteristics of Cardano:

  1. Flexibility: One of the most appreciated characteristics of Cardano is the flexibility. The algorithm allows the possibility of creating side chains and changes at the same time. It is possible to create chains while the network changes the generation of random numbers, used to offer greater privacy and security.
  2. Security: This is,undoubtedly, a key element. The Haskell programming language that has the Cardano blockchain, makes it possible for the code to be written in a much more reliable and safe way, because it is a mathematical approach. Also, additionally, it use the CSL, a security protocol to increase user protection. All of this reduce the number of errors / bugs that can lead to large losses, thanks to be integrated in the development process.
  3. Advanced smart contracts: The competition between Cardano and Ethereum is evident. The fight is established in the search to become the main platform to create smart contracts. In this sense, Cardano uses Solidity (as Ethereum) buy only as a programming language for the lower applications. ADA implements a new programming language for its Haskell-based applications. It is a language oriented distribution to developers to be integrated into development processes.

How to buy Cardano

We are probably facing one of the best projects today. The process of constant improvement makes many experts recommend to buy Cardano (ADA). Betting that the Haskell programming language, more innovative, has already exceeded Ethereum’s scope possibilities.

Before buying Cardano (ADA) through the Bitnovo platform, you must to know all the  methods you have to do it. You can buy cryptocurrencies in cash in more than 30,000 associated physical stores and also online in Spain, Italy, France and Portugal. Take a look!

How to buy Cardano (ADA)

If you prefer to buy Cardano online on Bitnovo, now we will guide you through this process step by step.

First, from the Bitnovo website, we chose the Buy Cryptocurrency option.

Buy cryptocurrency online

Next we must choose to buy ADA from the list of cryptocurrencies available, there are more than 20 cryptos at your fingertips!

How to buy ADA online Bitnovo

Once the Cardano (ADA) cryptocurrency is chosen and the amount we want to buy, we proceed to make the purchase. As you can see in the picture, we have chosen 100 euros.

Buy Cardano online

We’re almost done! It is very important to have your chosen wallet. If you don’t have it, Daedalus is a good option in this case.

Enter your mail, your phone number and select the payment method. Do not forget to check the amount of the purchase and accept the captcha. Then, simply by pressing continue, the operation will be processed.

If you prefer to buy Cardano in cash with Bitnovo, it is also possible! 

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Buying Cardano with euros was never so easy and safe.

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