We welcome the Bitsa prepaid card!

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Bitnovo launches Bitsa prepaid! The best card for buy, send and receive money wherever you are

Today we have a great surprise. On Bitnovo our users can already get Bitsa prepaid, the visa card reloadable with cryptocurrencies and cash in thousands of ATMs and stores.
Bitsa is the new way to buy with a prepaid card, without having to be linked to a bank account, without worries.
Now it will be possible to buy online or in any business in a secure way, withdraw cash from thousands of ATMs, make SEPA transfers and much more.

What can I use BITSA for?

The BITSA prepaid card can be used to:

• Make online purchases
• Pay in shops
• Make SEPA transfers and between cards
• Withdraw cash from any ATM and in thousands of stores;

Advantages of having a BITSA Card

Bitsa Voucher Eng

Among the incredible BITSA advantages, highlights the following :

• NO BANK ACCOUNT: To request to BITSA you do not need a bank account bank and anyone can request it and receive it;
• CONTACTLESS TECHNOLOGY: BITSA uses contactless technology (payment without contact) to be able to make purchases and pay instantly and safely in millions of shops around the world.
• SEPA TRANSFERS: With BITSA you can make any type of payment to any financial institution belonging to the European Single Market (SEPA) area, with the same ease, speed and security as national payments.
• SECURE ONLINE PAYMENTS: Thanks to the Verified by Visa system, BITSA has an unparalleled advance in terms of payment security in online purchases.

Also BITSA can be reloaded with transfers, CRYPTOCURRENCIES and, soon, with VOUCHER available in associated physical stores.

How to request a Bitsa Prepaid Card?

All Bitnovo users can request a Bitsa prepaid card, a virtual or a plastic one, through the user panel on the Bitnovo website and, if they do not have an account already, they can create one to access and enjoy all its advantages.


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