#Bitnovotalks: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Webinars

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A few years ago we launched bitnovo with the aim of facilitating access to the world of cryptocurrencies. Through our platform, many users have launched to buy bitcoins online and other cryptocurrencies, quickly, easily and safely.

Some time later, pursuing the same objective that led us to create bitnovo, we made the jump with bitnovo vouchers to online stores and also to physical selling points throughout Europe.


And now, we are even closer to users. Bitnovotalks are here! A way to reach all those users with an interest in this revolutionary sector. A space to learn about cryptocurrencies, blockchain, DeFI…

Webinar about blockchain and cryptocurrencies

  • Expert ambassadors.
  • Brief format (35 min).
  • Reduced capacity.
bitnovo talks webinar Bitnovo
comprar criptomonedas online Bitnovo
  • Do you want to learn about Bitcoin?
  • Are you interested in decentralized finance?
  • Do you want to discover interesting blockchain projects?
  • Looking to invest in other cryptocurrencies?
  • Curious about bitnovo services?
  • Are you interested in knowing future predictions in the sector?

You can follow all the webinars through the official hashtag #bitnovotalks with which you can also send all your questions.

In addition, from the bitnovo YouTube channel you can review all the webinar sessions.

#Bitnovotalks: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Webinars