Bitnovo expands its offer and adds one cryptocurrency more

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  • Bitnovo continues its expansion in the crypto world by introducing DAI

  • ETH and TRX available in all your operations with bitnovo

2020 starts strong and promising. And as a sign, this first expansion of the offer of tokens available in the bitnovo cryptocurrency buying and selling platform… Bitnovo expands its offer and adds one cryptocurrency more

On the one hand, bitnovo incorporates Dai among its cryptocurrencies, Ethereum’s solid decentralized stablecoin. Thanks to this integration, users can make use of all bitnovo services with this token whose value is always stable in relation to the US dollar.

Regarding to ETH and TRX, now can be used -along with DAI- to top-up the token-friendly cards: Bitsa Card and Bitcard. In addition, from now on it will also be possible to sell ETH and TRX through the bitnovo platform.

Bitnovo has a large number of options and payment methods. From buying cryptocurrencies with a card, transfer or cash (in more than 30,000 stores in Spain, Portugal, France and Italy and in Bitnovo ATMs), to the sale of cryptocurrencies.

The bitnovo platform has a large volume of daily users attracted by its ease of use, its speed and its security. It is not necessary to know trading concepts.

In addition to all this, Bitnovo has a specialized blog, positioning itself as a platform for collective knowledge about the culture and market of virtual currencies.

Being aware of the needs of the users, bitnovo continues to expand its offer and allows operating comfortably with DAI, ETH and TRX. What are you waiting for?