Argentina and Bitcoin as a refuge

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“Where to buy and sell bitcoin in Argentina” is one of the fastest growing searches on Google in a country that is already almost a synonym for economic crisis. Today we tell you what happens in Argentina and why Bitcoin is chosen as a refuge.

As we have already seen in our article on which countries are leading the adoption of cryptocurrencies? , we began to normalize the fact of seeing Bitcoin as a haven of value in countries that face monetary restrictions or inflationary problems.

Situation in Argentina

Argentina is not the exception to this problem, something that is reflected in this graph that shows the increase in inflation (and consequent monetary devaluation) in recent years.

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Added to this, the Argentine government has decided to impose restrictions on the purchase of foreign currency to prevent its inhabitants from escaping from the devalued peso. This has caused people to start looking for other alternatives to the dollar or the euro to keep the value of their salaries and savings safe, and this is where Bitcoin has come to offer a solution.

According to data from Arcan Research, the volume of Bitcoin in Argentine pesos has increased exponentially since 2018. So much so that the weekly volume of buying and selling of Bitcoin in Argentina has grown by 1.028% in the last 2 and a half years.

Where to buy and sell Bitcoin in Argentina

With the increase in demand, businesses and platforms where to buy and sell Bitcoin in Argentina have also increased. While there are many options, we recommend being cautious and well informed before doing so, as well as checking the most convenient prices in Coinmonitor.

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